JOYROY Elec The partner for your creations
JOYROY Elec The partner for your creations

Holographic Pyramid

A real innovation which will make it possible your customers to dissociate themself in their actions of communication.

This small pyramid is posed on a shelf or a smartphone and makes it possible to visualize pictures and vidéos in holographic form; the objects and people seem to float in the middle of the pyramid!

Contrary to the traditional objects, personalization is not carried out solely by the packaging or marking but by the video contents. That makes the communication much more alive; one wants all to see.



Use our freeware to tranform your video in holographic movies.

Bigger is your sceen, bigger will be the hologram.



Price: 15.00 € out VAT / pcs - MOQ: 30pcs

Add costs : printing

On request: giant model for demo

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