JOYROY Elec The partner for your creations
JOYROY Elec The partner for your creations

Enjoy JOYROY's services !

JOYROY industry tries to satisfy the closer needs expressed by its customers; and every customer has particular requirements. We work to measure for the design of new products or for the customization of standard products.
Asia is considered as producing very big quantities, it is also completely relevant in the production of products of high quality. Everything depends on the exercise book of requirements, on the quality of the made controls, and on the available budget.
China detains very often the keys of a know-how having left the European continent for years.


JOYROY has historically a very proven knowledge in the supply of objects of communication and advertising with customers regular and renowned as: park ASTÉRIX, Parks WALIBI, the Futuroscope, The Park Charlie Chaplin, St-Malo's Aquarium, ...

" One of our the biggest pride is the loyalty of our customers " explains Henri-claude MARTIN (CEO), " it gives evidence that beyond the prices they appreciate our performances of accompaniment, Some of them are faithful to us for more than 25 years ".

Join over time with its customers is our crédo, for it it is not enough to have attractive prices, it is necessary to be available, to guarantee quality products, to bring services. It is under these conditions that the acquisition of the trust is made.
To develop this trust, we articulate our added value around 9 services:


1. Sourcing Asie
- We identify the real manufacturers, avoiding the brokers, and inspect factories.
- We avoid to our customers the incomprehensions due to cultural differences
- The expenses of sourcing are offered

2. Quality control
- We verify that the wanted quality level was well produced BEFORE the shipping.
- Possibility of organizing custom-made quality controls
- We watch that the suppliers respect the international standards concerning the child labor, the working conditions: normalize CEDEX, PSCI, ISO 9002, ROHS, IT, normalize owners (CARREFOUR, DISNEY, COCA COLA).

- We supply you with samples for your validation

3. Respect for deadlines
- Often key element of a line of manufacturing or distribution, the deadline became a considerable stake. We attempt to meet our commitments on the subject


4. Management and logistics
We insure:
- The follow-up of the packaging, the packing, the shipping-mark, and the chartering
- The coverage of the payment of the harbour taxes at first and on arrival
- The bearing of the costs of shipping air, sea and ground up to the place of delivery at the customer
- The bearing of the costs of customs


5. Porterage of the guarantee
- Products are guaranteed from the date of invoicing in France, not since the dispatch date of Asia.

6. Confidentiality
- The relations and the products realized for a customer enter in the field of the confidentiality.

7. Customization of products (OEM)
- Our products can be marked in the logo of the customers (according to the product).


8. Engineering consulting firm
- We can participate in the design of products via our partner engineering consulting firm in France, in connection with our engineers in Asia.

9. Terms of payment
- 30 % with order, Settles upon receipt of the goods. Discount of 3 % if 100 % payment with order.

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