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Mutualiz'COM : buying together to reduce prices

This service is make to centralize the needs for communication agencies around standard products not marked to offer you the best possible price.
How does it work?
It is very simple, for example we plan a booking date for the shipping for a certain type of mugs. If this model interests you you join for a pre-reservation.
Arrived the date of finishing we list and group the set of the needs for some and others to make a purchase in number, reducing so at the most the part of fixed costs for each and obtaining a better price list with the factory.

MUG (Référence JR-030/MUG)

  Material  Céramic
  Color: Blanc
  Quality: Grade A

  Top diameter: 85mm
  High: 120mm
  Bottom diameter:
  Packing: individual boxes

Deadline of reservation: 20th of march 2023
Delivery estimation: 1st of july 2023

Target price: 1,69 € HT/pcs
Conditions: DDP, 1 point in the country

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